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The second edition of this scorecard assessed the operationalization and functioning of the systems and frameworks for the subsequent achievement of sustainable development in the country. Using both secondary and primary data, engagement of stakeholders in the sector, the scorecard assessment analysed the performance of the sub-sector. Key findings suggest that the overall average performance of the sector is at 43.7%, which is a slight improvement from the 40.4% registered in the inaugural scorecard launched in 2016. Nevertheless, performance of the mining and minerals sub-sector remains below average though there are slight improvements in some areas. Specifically, the subsector scores were below average along some key performance indicators which include; minerals production, revenue generation, collection and management (19.7%); Institutional Establishment and Development (31.8%); Gender Equity and Social Inclusion and Participation (37.5%); minerals value addition and marketing (45.8%); and Health, Safety and Environment conservation and management (46.4%), while above average performance was registered in the following areas: access to mineral resources (52.3%); local content development and participation (55.4%), infrastructural development (52.8%); and regional and international initiatives (51.4%).